World Cup Russia: 32 Team Base Camps of National Squads

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Traveling to Russia soon for the World Cup?

You might like to know where your favorite national teams are headed. Today, we’ll give you a glimpse of the 32 Team Base Camps (TBC) – their location, hotel, and training site.

The 32 national teams chose their accommodation for the entire duration of the tournament. From luxury hotels, to resorts, and top football training centers, here’s a list of the World Cup bets’ home away from home.

2018 World Cup Russia Team Base Camp 1
Team Base Camps: Moscow, Anapa, Bor, Essentuki, Gelendzhik. TBC H – Train Base Camp Hotel. TBC TS – Train Base Camp Training Site. 
2018 World Cup Russia Team Base Camp 2
Team Base Camps: Grozny, Kaluga, Kazan, Krasnodar, Leningrad Region, Saint Petersburg, Saransk. TBC H – Train Base Camp Hotel. TBC TS – Train Base Camp Training Site.
2018 World Cup Russia Team Base Camp 3
Team Base Camps: Sochi, Svetlogorsk, Tatarstan Republic, Togliatti, Voronezh. TBC H – Train Base Camp Hotel. TBC TS – Train Base Camp Training Site.

Majority of the 2018 FIFA World Cup national teams will be staying in Russia’s capital, Moscow, including the host country’s team. Team Russia chose the state-of-the-art Federal Sports Centre Novogorsk. Germany, World Cup 2014 champion, will stay and relax at Vatutinki Hotel (also in Moscow). The said hotel is a health complex with entertainment facilities such as billiards, tennis, indoor pool, and even a sauna. Germany will be training at CSKA sports base, which was especially renovated for the World Cup.

2014 World Cup second placer Argentina also picked Moscow region as their Team Base Camp. They will be staying at Training base Bronnitsy, a sports facility that includes a football field, swimming pool, medical rehabilitation center, gyms, and more. Russia’s sports teams are known to be frequenting Bronnitsy.

Third placer Netherlands, unfortunately, did not qualifiy in this season’s World Cup.

Outside of Moscow in Sochi, fourth placer Brazil will live in the five-star Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia, which is a nature-clad sanctuary featuring the sea and the beach. The five-time world champions will have their trainings at the 10 thousand-seater Yug-Sport Stadium.

This year’s World Cup favorite underdogs, Iceland, will stay in Gelendzhik, particularly at Resort Centre Nadezhda. The said complex is a resort and spa facility combined. Gelendzhik is a town that gets a lot of sun, windy and less humid. The Icelanders will train at Olymp Stadium which is just on the same street as their residence in Russia.

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