Africa Cup of Nations Tanzania Vs. Algeria Asian Connect

Africa Cup of Nations: Tanzania vs Algeria Odds for July 1, 2019

Tanzania vs Algeria Tanzania faces Algeria knowing they will need to an unlikely win to progress but they will face a likely changed Alergia side, Algeria is already in the next round, they only need a point to guarantee that they top the group. It is interesting that Aleria’s coach has said some players are …read more →

Africa Cup of Nations Kenya Vs. Tanzania Asian Connect

Africa Cup of Nations: Kenya vs Tanzania Odds for June 27, 2019

Kenya vs Tanzania Disappointing we don’t have a bet in the Senegal v Algeria but that is that, if the value is not there it is not there we can’t make it, in the last match of the today in the ANC I fancy us to see some goals, again the same sort of thinking …read more →