Copa America Brazil Vs. Peru Asian Connect

Copa America: Brazil vs Peru Odds for July 7, 2019

Brazil vs Peru The Copa America final takes place tonight and it’s a rematch of the Brazil v Peru match from the group stages where Brazil ran out 6-0 winners with the Expected goals reading as Brazil 4.13 v Peru 0.29. Brazil was certainly flattered by that result but it must be said I am …read more →

Copa America Chile Vs. Peru

Copa America: Chile vs Peru Odds for July 3, 2019

Chile vs Peru I make Chile value here I make the difference between both sides about 0.65 of a goal in favour of Chile basically meaning -0.5 at even on Chile at current odds is a bet. Peru was lucky to make it through v Uruguay, Uruguay had 3 goals ruled off for different reasons …read more →

Copa America Uruguay Vs. Peru Asian Connect

Copa America: Uruguay vs Peru Odds for June 29, 2019

Uruguay vs Peru Peru has been slightly dismissed off the back of the Brazil result and that while being a little harsh might be fully correct, Uruguay have very little weaknesses, they are set up to give away nothing and with attackers like Suarez and Cavani they can always grab a goal, to me they …read more →

Copa America Peru Vs. Brazil Asian Connect

Copa America: Peru vs Brazil Odds for June 22, 2019

Peru vs Brazil There is pressure on Brazil, they are not playing well at the moment and they only drew v Venezuela in their latest match, a draw puts both teams through and now while neither side will play for a draw will certainly not Brazil it could be a case where the home side …read more →

Copa America Bolivia Vs. Peru Asian Connect

Copa America: Bolivia vs Peru Odds for June 18, 2019

Bolivia vs Peru   Betting Peru here and the reason is i have not been one bit impressed by Bolivia in their game v Brazil, yes i know it is Brazil but they looked hopeless and only for their keeper and luck it would have been a much higher score line. We bet Peru in …read more →