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UEFA Euro Qualifiers: Northern Ireland vs Germany Odds for September 9, 2019

Northern Ireland vs Germany   Germany travel to Belfast tonight and they will face a stubborn well organised home team and while associate goals with this German team it is fair to say if the game is to go over we will probably have to see Germany score 4 goals and that will be an …read more →

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UEFA European: Netherlands vs Germany Odds for March 24, 2019

Netherlands vs Germany Betting the Netherlands to beat Germany here, I still don’t think Germany is totally out of the woods and recovered as the feared national team they have always been, it was only on the 13th of October that the Dutch trounced the Germans 3-0 and little has changed since. I am going …read more →

Netherlands vs Germany AsianConnect

UEFA Nations League: Netherlands vs Germany Odds for October 13, 2018

Netherlands vs Germany Betting Netherlands here at home. Germany seems to be in a bit of disarray at the moment or certainly there is a negative cloud around them, they flopped during the World Cup and they are still dealing with the fall out from the Ozil affair. The Dutch seem rejuvenated, they put in …read more →

World Cup 2018

World Cup Odds for June 27, 2018

Germany vs South Korea Betting Germany here. The Germans were very impressive in their last match vs Sweden, down to 10 men and still coming back to win 2-1 and it was a very much deserved win too as they created a number of very good chances. They face a South Korean side already eliminated …read more →

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World Cup Odds for June 23, 2018

Belgium vs Tunisia They’re are not too many uglier bets than betting Tunisia +1.25 here but that is what I am going to do. Belgium I thought were very poor against a dreadful Panama, Tunisia were probably lucky enough to come as close to getting a point vs England so for me both negatives following …read more →