Africa Cup of Nations: Kenya vs Tanzania Odds for June 27, 2019

Africa Cup of Nations Kenya Vs. Tanzania Asian Connect

Kenya vs Tanzania

Disappointing we don’t have a bet in the Senegal v Algeria but that is that, if the value is not there it is not there we can’t make it, in the last match of the today in the ANC I fancy us to see some goals, again the same sort of thinking or reasoning is behind wanting to bet the over 2 goals as the Madagascar v Burundi match that if either side want to progress then the match when the 3rd and 4th ranked sides meet is the game we should see a higher chance of goals in. I believe with the low goal line of 2 these type bets are worth a go as does one here as we should see a totally different mindset by both these sides.

Over 2 Goals min odds 2.06

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